Hannah Profile


Age: 30
Ethnicity: Russian
Weight: 119 lbs
Height: 5ft 5inch
Hair: Black
Languages: English
Statstics: DD-Cup

About Hannah

Hannah is my name. If you need double pleasure, look no further than \r\nme. Voluptuous is what they use to describe my tits and curvaceous means\r\n my body. A blend of blue eyes with black hair cannot get any better in \r\none person. I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and the pleasure I can give you is\r\n out of this world. My signature is double satisfaction as I will give \r\nyou two main courses at the same time. You will get a chance to \r\nexperience the fantasy of being with two-drop dead women who are not \r\nafraid to explore your needs. You fancy women? So do I and together we \r\ncan enjoy the company of another seductive tigress. I am not afraid to \r\ngo the extra mile to give you double pleasure. I know you have noticed \r\nmy very hue and attractive tits and yes, they are real. So don't miss \r\nthe opportunity to enjoy the fantasy of holding them as we talk about \r\nyour day. I love challenges and I hope you will give me one in bed and \r\nsee how I give you a pleasurable ride. So you love talking and sharing \r\nstuff, so do I. As we make sweet music between the sheets am your go to \r\ngirl when you need some comforting. As I said, everything in me is \r\ndoubled and I give you a witty conversation combined with a crazy, fast \r\npaced intercourse to clear your stress away. Be ready to laugh in the \r\nmidst of the pleasure as I will tickle all your nerves. We will then \r\nenjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures of the ladies we want for our \r\nnext adventure. Are you ready? Call me before you jet into Orlando.

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