Crystal Profile


Age: 24
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 5ft 4inch
Hair: Brunette
Languages: English
Statstics: C-Cup

About Crystal

Hi there! I am Crystal. I am 24 years of age at your service. I am a \nbrunette and I am proud of it. Dark haired women are always beautiful in\n their own rights. We are of a greater demand than other girls and that \nis not surprising anymore. If you check my photos, you will see that I \nam not the ordinary brunette you have been seeing online and in most of \nthe streets around your country. I am a different girl with beautiful \nface and physique, but I am also witty and smart. I can accompany you to\n different social gatherings without them knowing that I am an escort. \nThey will all think that I am the girl of your dreams from a prominent \nfamily. If you ask some men, they will surely agree that brunettes are \ndifferent from the other blonde girls. Brunettes are into serious \nrelationship, which is another trait that men expect from the girls that\n blondes cannot give. Well, I can be your serious girlfriend experience \nwhile you are in Vegas, I can provide you that pampering and car that you \nwant in a girlfriend. Let me cuddle you and pamper you. I can be the \nsweet girl that you want in your life. Men do believe that dark haired \nwomen or brunettes are more attractive than blonde and I can prove that \nto you if you give me a chance. I can be with you for an in-call or for \nan outcall service whichever you prefer. If you want to take advantage \nof the pleasurable things that life can offer, there must be someone to \nbe with you in every step of the way. I can handle adventure trips if \nthat is what you want, there will be no problem with the activities that\n you want during the trip.

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