Hazel Profile


Age: 22
Ethnicity: Latina
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5ft 5inch
Hair: Black
Languages: English
Statstics: B-Cup

About Hazel

Close your eyes. Now imagine you and me\r\nalone together, what is the first thing you would do? Caress my\r\nsmooth creamy skin? Relish my perky little breasts? Whatever you\r\nimagined could become a reality tonight. I don’t play games; I love\r\nwhat I do just as much as you will love to be with me. I’m highly\r\nskilled when it comes to pleasing men and women alike – massage,\r\nfetishes, stripteases, and ménage à trois… I do it all and I\r\nenjoy every minute of it. Don’t settle for a companion who doesn’t\r\nenjoy her craft, trust me… the experience is all the better when\r\neveryone is satisfied and having a good time. \r\n




From my shiny brown hair to my smooth\r\nlong legs, there is no doubt that I am a sight to behold. Although I\r\nam a wild and adventurous college girl who loves to party, I work\r\nhard to keep my body in top physical condition. You can reap the\r\nbenefits of my hard work and determination when you explore every\r\ninch of my gorgeous body. You can see I have a tattoo and a piercing;\r\nthis is just an indication of my wild side! If you meet with me, I\r\npromise we will have an unforgettable encounter full of erotic\r\npleasure and a lot of laughs.

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