Micaela Profile


Age: 21
Ethnicity: Latina
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5ft 5inch
Hair: Black
Languages: English
Statstics: D-Cup

About Micaela

What is it that you desire? A naughty\r\nschoolgirl? A lusty housewife? Maybe a leather-clad superspy?\r\nWhatever it is that you fantasize about late at night, I’m that\r\ndream girl. I have an amazing wardrobe full of sexy little costumes\r\nfor every situation and fantasy. My only mission in life is to turn\r\nfantasies into realities and I am a natural pleaser. If you like the\r\nlook of my gorgeous body and exquisite looks, just wait until you see\r\nwhat is underneath these cute costumes. My supple D-Cup breasts are\r\ntipped with sensitive nipples that are just waiting to be touched.\r\nYou won’t believe the sexy little moans I make when I start to get\r\naroused... I just can’t help myself. \r\n




I am a Las Vegas local and I love my\r\ncity. If you are looking for a guide to this crazy city, I am more\r\nthan happy to show you around. After we have explored Vegas, why\r\ndon’t we explore each other? How about we share a warm bath and\r\nthen heat things up with an erotic massage? I’m quite the masseuse\r\nand I’ve often been told I have the magic touch. Let me melt your\r\nworries and troubles away with my skillful hands. The possibilities\r\nare endless in Vegas; I will leave the choice up to you!

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