Amber Profile


Age: 22
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5ft 6inch
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English
Statstics: B-Cup

About Amber

If you are looking for a dirty, sexy\r\nblonde to explore this crazy city with, then I am the girl for you. I\r\nam the best of both worlds, polished and classy on the outside but\r\nsecretly kinky on the inside. From my long, lean legs to my silky\r\nflaxen hair, you can see that I am a true beauty. I know there are\r\nplenty of women in Las Vegas, but a woman like me only comes once in\r\na lifetime. I am often told that I look like a Hollywood actress but\r\nluckily I am within your reach. Believe me, I am game for anything.\r\nWith my limitless sexual appetite and my desire to please, absolutely\r\nanything can happen! You name it and I will try it – I truly\r\nbelieve that life is short and I want to enjoy every moment. \r\n




I take a lot of pride in my appearance.\r\nI work out regularly at the gym and always keep my hair and skin\r\nflawless. What you see in these pictures is what you get – a\r\nstunning, sexually adventurous and sensual blonde with an insatiable\r\ncraving for debauchery. I know you are imagining my soft, pink tipped\r\nbreasts in your hands… imagining how I sound at the peak of my\r\npleasure… well; there is no need to imagine. I can be yours\r\ntonight; I know I will not disappoint you.

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