Krista Profile


Age: 20
Ethnicity: American
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 5ft 5inch
Hair: Black
Languages: English
Statstics: D-Cup

About Krista

From the deep South....

You may whistle Dixie now but you will change your tune when this Southern Belle comes to charm. All over tan with no lines. Shows I worship the sun in the altogether. And I've got a pair of home-grown, natural melons that will melt in your mouth. I may look just as sweet as tea and have feminine manners to match, but I'm down for dirty fun too and a roll in the hay bales excites me! Originally a small-town country girl, I do love the big city. But I miss our horses and the thrill of a hot, strong, thundering steed between my legs. Maybe you can help me with that?
I've been to charm school (yes, some of us still believe manners and poise are important), and I am a college grad, so you know I am the perfect lady to accompany you if you have somewhere important to be. And I'm not a track star, but if you want, we can run all over this town together looking for a good time or maybe just trying to find some inviting hay bales...

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